Gunung Keriang

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Okaaaay. Let me bring you to the one of the............................"recreation park"? Well, it is not a park actually, but it is a high land area, and there is a mountain (not a big and tall mountain actually) with beauty scenery, that even could turn the place from a non-recreational are to the one. Furthermore, not only a scenery can be found here, but there are more. Let me make clear to you, actually, the area is not at the exact mountain, only the nearby place, at the low land.

Okaaaay (for the second time), I went to this place in the evening of 28th March with a friend, who also a sidekick, or a photographer, or a person who willing to lend a hand for Let's Reveal, well, "a friend in need is a friend indeed". Okay? Okaaaay (third time). Back to the point. Gunung Keriang is located about 10KM from Alor Star capital city (I guess...). When we were reaching at the entrence of the Gunung Keriang area, we need to get through some residence area. Actually, not really in front of the houses, but there is a road that leading us to the mountain, and the road is absolutely no in front of the residence's houses. Along the road, we can see shops and stalls. You also can do some shopping if you want (LOL), but I only can remember a jubin shop. By the way, nothing is interesting to shop about, because they only sell household for the resident's needs.

So, I'll make this clear to you all. We were not explore the whole area due to the wheather condition.

Just after we entered the area through the entrence, we saw many small stalls selling crystals at the edge of the road. Some crystals are huge, some others are small. If i have a girlfriend, I'm sure to stop by to buy a small one just before we left the scene, regardles the rain. Enough of that, my friend brought me with his car, drove to the upper part of the area. For those who loves wild animals, you can see many monkeys here. Enough of that too, my friend brought me to the upper parts of the area, and we reached to a park. At here, I was told by my friend to taste the main of the minor attraction of Gunung Keriang, the delicious keropok lekor, sells by a family business. They provide us table and chairs for their customers. So, we sat there and spend RM8 for the meals. We ordered the thick and thin keropok lekor, and also, the most tasty of all, the thick keropok lekor that been stir up with chilli sauce. It was damn good tasteful, you should try. Also, the price is cheap if you compare the price at Ipoh, or KL and else, where you'll only get five(5) pieces of keropok lekor for RM1, but here, RM1 for ten(10) pieces.

After we finished our meals, we started to get the pictures and view the place. But, suddenly, its started raining. My friend wants to bring me to the higher where he said we can see the beauty scenery of the nearby areas, but due to the raining day, the programme has collapsed. So, in this article, we only can show you the only pictures that we got the chance to take; the keropok lekor and th scenery of the mountain side (the mountain's looks like).

So, this is all from me, I believe there is a reveal in Port Dickson, so stay tune for more reveal, SWOOOOSHH..!!



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