Gunung Keriang

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Okaaaay. Let me bring you to the one of the............................"recreation park"? Well, it is not a park actually, but it is a high land area, and there is a mountain (not a big and tall mountain actually) with beauty scenery, that even could turn the place from a non-recreational are to the one. Furthermore, not only a scenery can be found here, but there are more. Let me make clear to you, actually, the area is not at the exact mountain, only the nearby place, at the low land.

Okaaaay (for the second time), I went to this place in the evening of 28th March with a friend, who also a sidekick, or a photographer, or a person who willing to lend a hand for Let's Reveal, well, "a friend in need is a friend indeed". Okay? Okaaaay (third time). Back to the point. Gunung Keriang is located about 10KM from Alor Star capital city (I guess...). When we were reaching at the entrence of the Gunung Keriang area, we need to get through some residence area. Actually, not really in front of the houses, but there is a road that leading us to the mountain, and the road is absolutely no in front of the residence's houses. Along the road, we can see shops and stalls. You also can do some shopping if you want (LOL), but I only can remember a jubin shop. By the way, nothing is interesting to shop about, because they only sell household for the resident's needs.

So, I'll make this clear to you all. We were not explore the whole area due to the wheather condition.

Just after we entered the area through the entrence, we saw many small stalls selling crystals at the edge of the road. Some crystals are huge, some others are small. If i have a girlfriend, I'm sure to stop by to buy a small one just before we left the scene, regardles the rain. Enough of that, my friend brought me with his car, drove to the upper part of the area. For those who loves wild animals, you can see many monkeys here. Enough of that too, my friend brought me to the upper parts of the area, and we reached to a park. At here, I was told by my friend to taste the main of the minor attraction of Gunung Keriang, the delicious keropok lekor, sells by a family business. They provide us table and chairs for their customers. So, we sat there and spend RM8 for the meals. We ordered the thick and thin keropok lekor, and also, the most tasty of all, the thick keropok lekor that been stir up with chilli sauce. It was damn good tasteful, you should try. Also, the price is cheap if you compare the price at Ipoh, or KL and else, where you'll only get five(5) pieces of keropok lekor for RM1, but here, RM1 for ten(10) pieces.

After we finished our meals, we started to get the pictures and view the place. But, suddenly, its started raining. My friend wants to bring me to the higher where he said we can see the beauty scenery of the nearby areas, but due to the raining day, the programme has collapsed. So, in this article, we only can show you the only pictures that we got the chance to take; the keropok lekor and th scenery of the mountain side (the mountain's looks like).

So, this is all from me, I believe there is a reveal in Port Dickson, so stay tune for more reveal, SWOOOOSHH..!!


Reveal Kedah 1 Part 5 - Radix Fried Chicken

Friday, March 27, 2009

This is the last part of the Reveal Kedah 1, so after the tiring of having fun in The Carnival, we having our dinner in the first and only one Malaysian's fast food restaurant. Radix Fried Chicken or RFC, is on of the product of HPA. 

It is a little bit similar with the well known KFC, but it is 100% made by Malaysian so we should proud of it because we have take one step forward in food industries. So at that night we ate, Combo set A, and one of our member take Combo set B. It come with 2 pieces of fried chicken with the choice of herb or spice, coleslaw, mash potato. And the drink we take are Radix Cola. There are many kind of food and beverage there such as burger, desert and there are also combo set for kids that come with toy.

RFC in Sungai Petani is the first restaurant of the RFC and the other one is in Alor Star. Hopely they can put more branch around the country and next around the world. This is our last destination of Reveal Kedah 1. After this, we will post our great moment and some of the sneak preview of the Reveal Kedah 1 episode. And we will try to reveal other great place around Malaysia just for you. SWWOOSSHHH!!!

Reveal Kedah 1 Part 4 - Nasi Goreng Pattaya & The Carnival

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hey everyone, welcome back to our blog; "Let's Reveal". In this article, part 4, I will expose to you, our dear readers, the good taste and cheap nasi goreng pattaya, and our main destination; to The Carnivall.We went to Billion’s food court for our lunch break, if anybody want to ask “why?”, the answer is lay in the food court. If you’ve ever been there, or will be there, try to buy your meals at Stall No.2.

There’s where you can get a tasteful and cheap nasi goreng pattaya. With only RM3, you can get a plate of nasi goreng pattaya, with a lot of friend rice. It’s not easy to find something as that nowadays. Anyway, for the drinks, you can choose either you want the small or the big glass, and the price is different, of course.

Next, to The Carnivall; the only one theme park in Kedah. The Carnivall made its debut opening somewhere in 2007. At that time, we can easily spotted its advertisement in newspaper, almost everyday. The area is located in Sungai Petani, and I can't give you the exact information and description about this place, because I didn't wrote anything (but maybe the other Reveal Members can). The Carnivall can give you a guarantee that even the place isn't much bigger than Bukit Merah in Perak, but the games, landscapes, and the facilities will make you satisfy if you spend your whole day in the park. One more thing, by the time we went there, we got this special discount, RM18 per adult, rather than RM22. Furthermore, we got free food and drinks.


Reveal Kedah 1 Part 3 - Kedah Royal Museum

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


All right, let’s make this quick, I’m tired of typing (but it was my fault). Kedah Royal Museum is located just a few meters from arts museum. Everybody is indeed able to walk from the arts museum. And, the rule also same as the other museums; no taking picture inside the museum.

This museum keeps much of the state’s past history. You can find the name of the past Sultans (the higher ruler before the existence of “minister”), the members of the royal family, and the most interesting is, this museum used to be a palace in the past. You also may found out how was the state got its name. And also, this museum is still keeping the personal items that belonged to the royal family.


Reveal Kedah 1 Part 2 - Kedah Tower & Arts Museum

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Okay...right now, I'm going to bring you along to the Kedah Tower and Kedah State of Art Museum. But, be reminded, I only bring you by mentality, not physically, so what was I meant is, you read, then you imagine it. That's how mentality works, HAHAHAHA.

I start with Kedah Tower. Just after we've done in state museum, we moved to the state tower, it is named Kedah Tower. Our first plan was to enter the tower, and get to the view floor, and get the pictures how does the view from the tower. But, due to the lack of funds, and furthermore it was in day, we cancelled the plan, the view only be magnificent in night. So we only spend out time at the tower's area. There is a replica of Kedah Tower not far from the tower entrence.

Next, we move on to Kedah State of Arts Museum. Its location is not too far from Kedah Tower, you can only walk to arts museum from the tower. For those who eager to know about the local arts, arts museum is a perfect place. The rule in order to enter the arts museum is still the same, no taking picture inside the museum.

Want to know the name of local artist? You can find it here, in arts museum. Most of the paints are titled, some of them are untitled, and we can see the name of the artist who did the paint. The museum also keeps the artworks other than paint, such as sculpture and carving.


Reveal Kedah 1 Part 1 - Taman Rimba and State Museum

Saturday, March 14, 2009

    This is the first part of our Reveal tour in Kedah. The full episode of this Reveal's tour will be published later. We started the first Reveal episode in our beloved hometown. But in this tour, only 3 of us able to take part which is Zul, Mie and Zarul We started at a recreation park called Taman Rimba because the landscape of the park is built like a jungle, sometimes it is called Taman Golf because there are a golf course there.


    We started to Reveal Taman Rimba first that day. People around here come to the park to jogging, doing yoga  and exercise in the morning and evening. After doing exercise, they can restore their energy at the stall over there. There are many usual food and beverage serve there like Roti Canai, Roti Arab, Roti Jala and foods that we usually eat for breakfast. But there are some special food that you can only have it at there. One of it is Moi Londoi. It is a porridge with some extra ingredient. So we decide to breakfast here before we go to reveal all the place. So next stop is State's Museum or Muzium Negeri Kedah, Lets Reveal!!

    When we talk about museum, all of us say the same thing "BORING!!!!". Actually it is not so boring, and trust me its fun to know some history and heritage we have in our hometown. Here they did not allowed visitor to take picture in the museum, so if you like to know what we have here, you got to see on your own. Well it is a little bit creepy in the museum, maybe because of there is not much people there and with those old things in the museum it really make the situation more creepy. So please do come to the museum and don't let it be just like a haunted building. Seriously it is fun to know some history and to know something from the past.   
    So our next destination is Alor Star's Tower and we will tell about it some more in the next part. So stay tuned with us. Lets Reveal SWOOOSSHHH!!!

Lets Reveal

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Welcome to Lets Reveal blog. In this blog we will post story about some interesting place around Malaysia or anywhere that our crew been. Reveal Crew consists of 4 members which is Nad, Zarul, Mie and Zul. So you guys will be reading story about any place that we go and we think it is intrested. We not just reveal only tourism place, but anything that is interesting or special. 

So please stay tuned with us for places that is interesting to reveal, SWOOOSSHHH