Tanjung Dawai

Thursday, October 29, 2009

(At last, after ages of waiting, the post has finally revealed.)

Hello to our all valued viewer, thank you so much for your support to our blog. Without you, there will be no meaning for our reveal. This reveal was held at one of the tourism spot in Kedah, it is named Tanjung Dawai.

The reveal for Tanjung Dawai was did in 24th September, it was during Raya week. We arrived there approximately at 5:30PM, and by the time we got there, there was quite a lot of visitor; well, it was in Raya week, so it is normal. By the way, we are very sorry for late posting, it seems that after Raya, we quite busy with our own study.

Tanjung Dawai is located about 30KM from Sungai Petani. For those who don't know, Tanjung Dawai is a home for fisherman (fisherman village). Most of the populace in Tanjung Dawai doing fisherman job for their income. But, there are several other jobs done among the residents; small business such as selling shrimp paste, selling foods and drinks at stall, and groceries. Since this is a fisherman village, it's likely easy to get seafood in here. So, for those who want to taste the variety of seafood cuisine, please do come here. If you feel only by eating seafood is not enough, feeling want to try to cook at home, or maybe feels don't trust outside food, you people can get fresh fishes around here. When we were at the reveal scene, we didn't fill in our stomach since we've already eaten before the reveal. So we just bought ice blended for RM2 each, 3 packets of fish satay, and mineral water.

No beach can be found here, since it is a fisherman village. The soil underwater is all muddy, and it is very not suitable to do any beach activity. But, by letting the soothing wind and air blowing towards you, it feels more enjoyable even just sitting on the rocks nearby. Trust me, you'll feel don't want to get back home, that's the power of nature; which can never be copied or created by mankind.

Anybody like fishing? This place is sure for you guys. The banks have been filled with massive rocks, but not too big like Stonehenge, just the size are suitable for support human to sit on it. When we were there, there are several dudes with their fishing pole, waiting for their "harvest".

Opposite of Tanjung Dawai, separated by the sea, we can see another land, it is Pantai Merdeka; another famous tourism spot in Kedah. From here (Tanjung Dawai), there is a jetty that can take you to the opposite land (Pantai Merdeka), but it is not free of course. To go to Pantai Merdeka, it will only cost you RM2, for kids and adults.

For this reveal, I think this is the only I can write about. As usual, we're going to say "stay tune with us for more exciting spot". See you next time, swoooshh!!

Animals, listen here...don't walk around here...or you'll be fined RM300...LOL!!!!