Reveal Kedah 1 Part 1 - Taman Rimba and State Museum

Saturday, March 14, 2009

    This is the first part of our Reveal tour in Kedah. The full episode of this Reveal's tour will be published later. We started the first Reveal episode in our beloved hometown. But in this tour, only 3 of us able to take part which is Zul, Mie and Zarul We started at a recreation park called Taman Rimba because the landscape of the park is built like a jungle, sometimes it is called Taman Golf because there are a golf course there.


    We started to Reveal Taman Rimba first that day. People around here come to the park to jogging, doing yoga  and exercise in the morning and evening. After doing exercise, they can restore their energy at the stall over there. There are many usual food and beverage serve there like Roti Canai, Roti Arab, Roti Jala and foods that we usually eat for breakfast. But there are some special food that you can only have it at there. One of it is Moi Londoi. It is a porridge with some extra ingredient. So we decide to breakfast here before we go to reveal all the place. So next stop is State's Museum or Muzium Negeri Kedah, Lets Reveal!!

    When we talk about museum, all of us say the same thing "BORING!!!!". Actually it is not so boring, and trust me its fun to know some history and heritage we have in our hometown. Here they did not allowed visitor to take picture in the museum, so if you like to know what we have here, you got to see on your own. Well it is a little bit creepy in the museum, maybe because of there is not much people there and with those old things in the museum it really make the situation more creepy. So please do come to the museum and don't let it be just like a haunted building. Seriously it is fun to know some history and to know something from the past.   
    So our next destination is Alor Star's Tower and we will tell about it some more in the next part. So stay tuned with us. Lets Reveal SWOOOSSHHH!!!


l0ngboard said...

taman rimba : moi dia mg best! salut!

state museam : still rmember when i had my drawing cmpettion there... haha old stuff