Reveal Kedah 1 Part 2 - Kedah Tower & Arts Museum

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Okay...right now, I'm going to bring you along to the Kedah Tower and Kedah State of Art Museum. But, be reminded, I only bring you by mentality, not physically, so what was I meant is, you read, then you imagine it. That's how mentality works, HAHAHAHA.

I start with Kedah Tower. Just after we've done in state museum, we moved to the state tower, it is named Kedah Tower. Our first plan was to enter the tower, and get to the view floor, and get the pictures how does the view from the tower. But, due to the lack of funds, and furthermore it was in day, we cancelled the plan, the view only be magnificent in night. So we only spend out time at the tower's area. There is a replica of Kedah Tower not far from the tower entrence.

Next, we move on to Kedah State of Arts Museum. Its location is not too far from Kedah Tower, you can only walk to arts museum from the tower. For those who eager to know about the local arts, arts museum is a perfect place. The rule in order to enter the arts museum is still the same, no taking picture inside the museum.

Want to know the name of local artist? You can find it here, in arts museum. Most of the paints are titled, some of them are untitled, and we can see the name of the artist who did the paint. The museum also keeps the artworks other than paint, such as sculpture and carving.



Muhammad Sayyid bin A Rahman said...

i still is really kedah tower?not alor setar tower?..because in malay pronounce they called 'menara alor setar'..kalau tak salah la..hehe

neway, next tyme dun forget to call me to come with u all..

l0ngboard said...

hehe goes like this... alor star tower just like a nickname... and kedah tower is the scntific name... hehe~