Port Dickson

Friday, April 3, 2009

Good day to our fellow reader. This time we go to more further destination, Port Dickson (PD) in Negeri Sembilan. This is one of the most popular place in Malaysia, but not everybody had come here. So this time i'm doing this reveal all by myself without other Reveal Crew because this is not a formal Reveal activities but when some of my friend decide to go on vacation to PD I decide to reveal this place.

Well this is my first time here, so I didn't have much information of this place. So i'm writing this article base on what I know and my observation. We stay in PD for 2 days 1 night. We stay at Corus Apartment, it cost only RM95 for one day in weekdays and the price for the weekend and holiday season are different it cost RM1** but it is still consider as a relevant price.

This apartment are stated by the sea side, so when u go to the balcony u can have a wonderful sea view and feel the sea breeze rushing towards u, so refreshing. At the evening u can have a walk by the sea side and enjoying the sunset, really romantic scene. They also provide the beach football and volleyball facilities there. Also u can have bbq there or just go to the restaurant there and having ur meal by the sea.

The placed we stayed that day are not stated near the beach, and due to the lack of time we decide to go to the beach next day. I will write the article about the beach at PD in the next article so stay tuned with us. SWOOSSHHHH


akey87 said...

so nice this place..