Port Dickson 2

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hello again, this the continued part of the Port Dickson's reveal. The next day we went to the beach, it is called Teluk Kemang. Actually there are many beach in PD but as what they inform me, this is the most popular among others.

Well, not much that i can told u guys about what they have here but at there they got everything that whats a "beach" should have like banana boat, the chair that u can lie on, "pelampung" that u can rent, and also jet ski. There are a lot of dealer there so u can negotiate with them about the price. I try to asked one of the dealer about the price of riding banana boat, he said that u can choose from RM7, Rm10 and Rm15 base on the distance. 

There are also plenty of place that u can hang around, so u may feel comfortable to be with ur companion. One of the thing that make this beach popular here is maybe because of it is clean environment.  It is a nice place to hang around with friends and family. So come around and have a relaxing and fun moment here. Thats all from me now. SWWOOSSSHHH!!